Captioned Phones: They Say It All

A captioned telephone is a phone that has a built-in screen to display what the person on the other line is saying in text.


Benefits of Captioned Phones

  • Never miss a word! Spend more time focusing on the conversation rather than trying to interpret what’s being said.
  • Many phones are free (see below for more information on how to get yours).
  • They’re perfect for hearing aid users!


How Captioned Phones Work

A friend or family member calls your captioned phone through your landline phone number, and you speak to one another normally. If you need captions, turn on the caption feature and the caller’s voice will connect to the caption service, where a communications assistant converts the caller’s words to text using a voice-recognition technology. The words then display over the screen for you to read while you’re talking — just in case you miss a word or two.


How to Get One

Captioned phones are often free if a qualified hearing care professional signs a certification form that details your hearing loss and your need for a captioned telephone service. High-speed internet and a landline telephone are both required to use the service. If captioned phones sound like a technology that would be useful for you, please contact our office for more information.


Captioned Phone Options: CaptionCall, CapTel, ClearCaptions

There are many different choices for a captioned phone service. CaptionCall, CapTel, Sprint CapTel, Hamilton CapTel, ClearCaptions, and InnoCaption are all landline-based captioned phone providers.

Most are free assistive technology services that help with landline phone conversations by clearly displaying the spoken words of the individual you’re talking to. Not only do these phones allow you to catch every word of your conversation, but they also provide a clear advantage to those who prefer to use landlines while wearing hearing aids.

Common features include:

  • Easy to use — captioned phones work like a regular phone
  • Large text for easy reading
  • Location flexibility — uses a wired or wireless internet connection
  • Customizable audio — easily adjust ringer and handset volume
  • Voicemail — caption your answering machine messages
  • Hearing aid compatible — eliminates feedback and provides a telecoil option

CaptionCall Captioned Phone

*Phone and service fees can be waived if a qualified hearing care professional signs a certification form detailing your hearing loss. Call us today to see if you qualify for this free service.