several vignettes of people having conversattions

Did you know that 7 years is the average amount of time it takes someone to seek treatment for their hearing loss? Yes… 7 years.

So, what can happen in 7 years?  Does it really matter?

Did you know that your brain’s ability to process auditory information will change the longer it is deprived of sound?  The old saying, if you don’t use it you lose.  Studies suggest that hearing loss causes brain changes that raise the risk for dementia, cognitive decline and depression.

Did you know that hearing is our main form of communication? Our ears are working 24 hours a day and 360 degrees to bring information to the brain for processing.   Our sense of hearing enables us to experience the world around us through sound.  We gather, process and interpret sounds continuously and without conscious effort, even when we are sleeping.

Did you know there can be a relationship between hearing and other illnesses and disorders?  Diabetics have a greater chance of having hearing loss.  Cardiovascular disease affects how well we understand someone else speaking. Hearing loss increases our risk of falling.

Did you know that people with untreated hearing loss may experience a 30% – 40% greater rate of cognitive decline?  There is a connection between your brain and hearing.  Scientists have found overwhelming evidence that treating hearing loss and the use of hearing aids decreases your risk of cognitive decline.

Delay in getting hearing aids means a delay in enjoying all the benefits.  – not just improved hearing but a better quality of life – staying connected with your family, friends… and your life.