Shelby Hearing Center Testimonials

Our goal is to make sure every one of our patients has a fantastic experience with our hearing care providers, and that each gets the results they really need. Whether it’s something as simple as a hearing consultation or as impactful as a full hearing aid fitting, making our patients happy is what we’re here for. See what they have to say about our practice!


Dr. Steve Curtis enjoying a meal with his wife at a noisy restaurant
Dr. Steve Curtis, Shelby, NC

If you have hearing problems, start with Shelby Hearing Center. I guarantee you’ll be pleased.

After having one set of hearing aids and discarding them because of numerous problems, I knew it was time to do something. Several friends mentioned Dr. Kay Young to me. The thoroughness of my evaluation was most impressive. Even after purchasing the hearing aids, they are still committed to keeping my hearing needs as their priority. I am extremely pleased, and so is my wife!

Jim Brackett looks out a window while holding his Bible
Jim Brackett, Fallston, NC

Shelby Hearing Center went beyond my highest expectations.

I realized I was missing parts of conversations. My wife would ask, "Did you hear me?" I had difficulty hearing my family, congregation, and in my role as chaplain with the Sheriff’s Department.

A friend recommended Dr. Kay Young (audiologist) and Shelby Hearing Center. Dr. Young’s examination was thorough, extensive, and technical. Her willingness to work with me to make sure I was happy with my hearing aids made the difference.

I would recommend Shelby Hearing Center to others… in fact, I already have.

Linton and Sallie Suttle appreciating better hearing
Linton and Sallie Suttle, Shelby, NC

"Thank you, Shelby Hearing Center, for giving my husband back to me!"

I began having trouble hearing my wife during normal conversations and noticed her great frustration. I thought she was not speaking clearly or loudly enough.

It finally became clear — I was missing a great deal of what others around me could hear! It was time to have my hearing checked. I know Dr. Kay Young (audiologist) and decided Shelby Hearing Center was the best place to start.

Chris Monroe speaking with Kay Young
Chris Monroe, Shelby, NC

My hearing loss was interfering with my profession and my passions.

Experiencing life is much better now that I can hear again! After being fitted with my new hearing aids, I instantly heard things I had not heard in quite some time. I don’t ask people to repeat themselves.

Thanks to audiologist Kay Young my quality of life just got better!

Jimmy Lutz posing in Kay's office
Jimmy Lutz, Shelby, NC

Want to hear your favorite sounds again? Dr. Young can make it happen for you!

I began turning up the volume on the television, couldn’t hear on the telephone, was constantly asking people to repeat themselves. I knew it was time to see Dr. Kay Young, audiologist at Shelby Hearing Center.

I appreciated the time she spent helping me hear my family, friends, and co-workers again. You just don’t get treatment like that everywhere.

Jim Ivester posing on his bike
Jim Ivester, Lawndale, NC

My hearing aids are amazing, they are so comfortable and effective I forget that I’m wearing them. Being able to hear and communicate is wonderful!

My family had been encouraging me to consider hearing aids, but I was reluctant until Dr. Kay Young (audiologist) at Shelby Hearing Center was highly recommended to me. Now I am highly recommending Dr. Young and her professional staff.

Joan Edwards posing with Kay Young
Joan Edwards, Blowing Rock, NC

When I got my new hearing aids from Shelby Hearing Center, my son’s first comment was, “Now I have my mom back!"